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Ball Python Vet Care

Our ball python reptile vets in Richmond, Virginia, provide care for your sick snake. Become a client to receive a wellness exam for your ball python. Keep your pet snake in perfect health with a reputable local reptile vet.

Ball Python Sick?

Ball pythons will hide all signs of illness from owners, therefore, they may be sick and you would never know it.  New patient and yearly Wellness Exams with fecal testing can help you detect the first signs of sicknesss. Is your ball python having difficulty shedding? Our experienced vets help you learn the top signs that your snake is sick. If you notice a weight drop of 10% from previous body weight, call our ball python vets immediately for an appointment and become a client of Wellesley Exotic Animal Hospital.

Transport Your Ball Python Safely

When transporting your ball python always use a cloth bag, such as a pillowcase. With your snake inside, place it in a rigid plastic container or box. The cloth bag keeps your snake tucked safely in during transport and prevents it from seeing all of the activity going on around it, reducing stress levels. The box or container will help moderate your ball python’s internal temperatures, as well as, protect your snake from injury.

Signs of Ball Python Sickness

  • Not eating
  • No stool production
  • Diarrhea
  • Signs of trauma
  • Actively bleeding
  • Poor Shed
  • Odd behavior
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Ball Python Care

Ball python care is essential to keeping your reptile healthy. Ball pythons require temperature settings regulated to specific temps. Give your snake access to a hot side and cold side within their living environment. Avoid hot rocks that can burn your ball python. Give your snake plenty of room to move and hide! Ball pythons are solitary animals and should be kept seperately from other snakes.

Download the Ball Python Care Guide

Ball Pythons 

Looking for a local reptile vet near you? Your local exotic pet veterinarian is located in Wellesley Animal Hospital and are experienced ball python vets. We serve Richmond, Virginia and all of Henrico County, including Glen Allen, Petersburg, Fredricksburg, Colonial Heights, Short Pump and Williamsburg areas.

Schedule a wellness exam or contact us immediately if your ball python shows any signs of sickness.

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Wellesley Exotic Pet Vets are located in Wellesley Animal Hospital in Short Pump in Richmond VA

Ball Python Vet Care

Wellesley Exotic Pet Vet of Richmond provides ball python veterinarian services for many locations in Henrico County, such as, Glen Allen, Williamsburg, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg and Petersburg. Our exotic pet vets focus on providing the best care available for your ball python and other reptiles. We would like to see your exotic pet to perform a reptile wellness exam.

Richmond’s local reptile vets near you are experienced with a variety of exotic animals including your exotic ball python! Schedule a wellness exam today, we’d love to meet your special reptile.

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