Exotic Pets


Rabbits like Lop rabbits, American sable rabbits, Angora rabbits, dwarf rabbits, etc. are all cared for by Wellesley's veterinarians in Richmond, VA

Learn about rabbits and their care.


Siamese ferrets, black sable mitt ferrets, black sable ferrets, cinnamon ferrets, etc. are the types of ferrets our exotic pet veterinarians care for at Wellesley.

Learn about ferrets and their care.

Small Mammals

Hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats, sugar gliders and other pocket pets are treated by our caring veterinary staff, located in Henrico County, Virginia.

Learn about the small mammals.

Don't see your species?

Contact us if you don't see your species listed. We treat most all kinds of exotic pets and would like to hear more about your exotic pet.

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What to do if you find an injured wild animal?

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is typically the best place to treat a wild animal.  Phone:  540-942-9453 and a helpful page are Wildlife Help & Advice.
We are also more than happy to help with wildlife you have found and bring into our care.
Here are some tips for taking care of injured or sick wildlife. 

Interested In Becoming a Client?

Step 1:  Fill in Applicable Form for Your Pet
Avian History Form
-Exotic Small Mammal History Form
Reptile History Form
Step 2:  Call us 804-364-7030 to schedule an appointment
Step 3:  Bring Pictures of Cage and Cage Location, Supplements & Food