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Guinea Pig Vet Care

 Let our guinea pig vets in Richmond, Virginia, provide care for your sick guinea pig, or our experienced guinea pig vets will spay your guinea pig or neuter your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Sick?

Guinea pigs by nature tend to hide symptoms and signs of illnesses from their owners, making early detection of disease difficult. New pet and yearly Health & Wellness Exams can help you keep your guinea pig in top health for a longer, happier life. Top signs that your guinea pig may be sick include odd behavior, not pooping and diarrhea. If you see signs of sickness, call our guinea pig vets immediately for an appointment and become a client of Wellesley Exotic Animal Hospital.

Our Guinea Pig Vets Will Spay Or Neuter Your Guinea Pig

Spaying or neutering your guinea pig is a great way to keep your pet healthy and avoid unwanted litters. Your guinea pig is a very social animal, happiest when housed and living with other guinea pigs. Typically, males can live together harmoniously, as can females, without any problems. Occasionally, personality differences can occur, meaning certain guinea pigs just won’t get along well together. Introducing guinea pigs as babies is the best way to ensure bonding, however, adults are just as capable of being introduced and doing just fine. When housing males and females together, spaying or neutering is the best way to keep both you and your guinea pigs happy and healthy. Spaying and neutering also help prevent illness and disease. Call us today to schedule your spay or neuter.

Signs of Guinea Pig Sickness

  • Not eating
  • No stool production
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen limbs or signs of trauma
  • Actively bleeding
  • Lethargy
  • Odd behavior
  • Unresponsive, unconscious or limp
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Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pig care is essential to keeping your guinea pig healthy. Guinea pigs come in a wide range of colors, with hair that may be long or short, or short and curly. Cavies have a very good sense of smell and senstive hearing. They are very vocal with squeals, chirps, squeaks and whistles. Guinea pigs tend to have a very gentle nature, recognizing their owners and seeking them out for affection.

Download the Guinea Pig Care Guide

Guinea Pigs 

Looking for a local guinea pig vet near you? Your local exotic pet veterinarian is located in Wellesley Animal Hospital and are experienced guinea pig vets. We serve Richmond, Virginia and all of Henrico County, including Glen Allen, Petersburg, Fredricksburg, Colonial Heights, Short Pump and Williamsburg areas.

Schedule a wellness exam or contact us immediately if your guinea pig shows any signs of sickness.

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Wellesley Exotic Pet Vets are located in Wellesley Animal Hospital in Short Pump in Richmond VA

Guinea Pig Vet Care

Wellesley Exotic Pet Vet of Richmond provides small mammal veterinarian services for many locations in Henrico County, such as, Glen Allen, Williamsburg, Colonial Heights, Fredericksburg and Petersburg. Our exotic pet vets focus on a providing the best care available for your guinea pigs and other small mammals. We would like to see your exotic pet to perform a guinea pig wellness exam.

Richmond’s local guinea pig vets near you are experienced with a variety of exotic animals including your sweet little cavies! Schedule a wellness exam today, we’d love to meet your guinea pig.

Are you considering purchasing a guinea pig for your child or yourself? Here’s a great resource to review before you purchase. https://www.thesprucepets.com/guinea-pigs-as-pets-1236837