Rabbit Vet Care

Our rabbit vets in Richmond, Virginia, provide care for your sick rabbit, or our experienced rabbit vets will spay your rabbit or neuter your rabbit.

Rabbit Sick?

Rabbits innately tend to hide their illness or injuries, even domesticated rabbits. It is important to be aware of subtle changes in your rabbits behavior to avoid preventing prompt rabbit vet care. Nobody knows your rabbit’s typical behavior better than you, therefore, if your rabbit usually greets you with leaps and bounds and is lying in the back of the cage, without properly greeting you, it should be cause for concern. Loud tooth grinding by your rabbit is a sign of pain for rabbits, requiring a wellness exam. Not eating last nights supper of hay and missing stool droppings are other signs you should watch for. Rabbits regulate body temperature by their ears, therefore hot or cold ears could indicate that a fever is present, or a drop in their temperature.

If you see signs of sickness, call our rabbit vets immediately for an appointment.

Is Your Rabbit Sick

  • Not eating
  • No stool production
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen limbs or signs of trauma
  • Actively bleeding
  • Lethargy
  • Odd behavior
  • Loud teeth grinding
  • Unresponsive, unconscious or limp

Our Rabbit Vets Will Spay or Neuter Your Rabbit

Did you know that one breeding pair of rabbits and their offspring can create nearly four million rabbits in only four years? Spaying your rabbit or neutering your rabbit is a great way to keep your pet healthy and avoid unwanted litters. Most importantly, prevention of diseases such as Uterine Cancer is a very compelling reason to spay your rabbit. In some rabbit populations, the rate of a malignant uterine cancer can approach 80% of the females. Both male rabbits and female rabbits can be very aggressive when they reach sexual maturity therefore, spaying your rabbit or neutering your rabbit should be considered as soon, if not a little before, they reach sexual maturity.

Call us today to schedule your rabbit spay or rabbit neuter. 804-364-7030

View Video on How to Syringe Feed a Rabbit

cute long eared rabbit to see rabbit vets

Rabbit Care

Rabbit care is essential for a healthy, happy rabbit. Rabbits make wonderful pets, each having their own individual personalities, with most being very friendly and playful. They are also very talented at learning commands and being trained to use a litter box. There are many breeds of rabbits, varying greatly in size and appearance. Your rabbit, regardless of size, is delicate and fragile and should be handled accordingly. Always provide support to your rabbit’s back and legs when handling.

Download the Rabbit Care Guide

Rabbit Vet Near You 

Looking for a local rabbit vet near you? Your local exotic pet veterinarian is located in Wellesley Animal Hospital and are experienced rabbit vets. We serve Richmond, Virginia and all of Henrico County, including Glen Allen, Petersburg, Fredricksburg, Colonial Heights, Short Pump and Williamsburg areas.

Wellesley Animal Hospital located in Richmond VA
Wellesley Exotic Pet Vets are located in Wellesley Animal Hospital in Short Pump in Richmond VA

Rabbit Vet Care

Welllesley Exotic Pet Vet of Richmond provides rabbit veterinarian services for many locations. Rabbit vet care is an important part of having a rabbit as a pet. Our exotic pet vets focus on a providing the best care available for your rabbits and all exotic pets. We would like to see your exotic pet to perform a rabbit wellness exam.

Richmond’s local vets near you are experienced with a variety of exotic animals including your sweet little bunnies! Schedule a wellness exam today, we’d love to meet your rabbit.

Are you considering purchasing a rabbit for your child or yourself?

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